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F1 Sealant is a water-based sealant applied with trowel, putty knife, or pneumatic sealant gun. It has great adhesion especially for the building material with high water absorption rate. There is no need of primer and face coating with F1 Sealant. F1 Sealant has superior elasticity, high tensile strength up to 68 kgf/cm2, shear-resistance up to 28 kgf/cm2, outstanding water-resistance, and splendid adhesion that it can be used on the windows edges, joints between existing and new materials, joining metal board, joining RC construction, plywood, cracks on exterior wall, and the roof deck for anti-seismic waterproofing.


F1 Water-Based Sealant can be used on the expansive joints, joints between existing and new materials, the cracks on the roof deck and exterior wall, joining metal boards, joining RC construction, plywood, calcium silicate board, cement board, magnesium oxide board, windows edges and the anti-seismic waterproofing for roof deck.

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You can apply F1 Sealant with putty knife, plastering trowel and pneumatic sealant gun.


  1. Before using, stir the F1 Sealant for 5 minutes with the electric mixer.
  2. To increase the smoothness during the application process, moisten the trowel or spray some water in the F1 Sealant.
  3. By troweling, the layer for complete anti-seismic waterproofing is 3mm thick covering 3.3 square meters.
  4. Before applying F1 Sealant as complete anti-seismic waterproofing, flatten the ground with the G1-Merry Ground coating.
  5. There is no need of primer and top coating with F1 Sealant.
  6. 15L, 4L, 1L packages and the cartridge for pneumatic sealant gun are available.
  7. Seal up the barrelhead completely when not using and store it in the shade. Storage no more than a year is recommended.
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